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Thursday, December 16, 2010

One of Those Days

I'm sure you've had one....that kind of day when you wake up and the first think you think of, is how nice it would be to just go back to bed.
This week has been busy. Not just busy, busy. Insane busy! We're talking, last minute errands to run, school research projects to be finished, school party plans being wrapped up, Christmas pageant costumes need to be made, cupcakes need to be baked, goodie bags need to be filled for the classroom party. Yes, one of those weeks! Whew!
So I jump out of bed this morning to get the kids ready...feed them, clean them, dress them...send one off on the bus...the other needs a ride today...come back home to get the third dressed and fed and then the fourth - same thing! Everybody's ready! Out the door we go...threat of snow...keep the eyes on the road...ears on the radio...weather report...not too bad...snow expected....less than an inch...okay here we go...off to the grocery store.
We go in...first I pick up the photos that I had ordered on the computer, then I go and buy all of the stuff for the cupcakes, party, etc...an hour later...ready to leave...no...wait...where are my pictures??
Noooo...I've dropped them somewhere! Re-trace my steps...no pictures...back to the photo counter...yes...someone turned them in...wonderful news...head back to the front of the store...find my car keys...approach the door...stop dead in my tracks!
Snow....lots and lots of snow....not the less than an inch they called for...much more than that, and it's only been an hour since I went into the store. Mind you, it wasn't snowing at all when I went in! Get to my car...bundle the kids into the car...clean the car off...forget the rest of the errands...the roads are awful! An hour and ten minutes later(to go 12.8 miles) I'm safely home.
Thank you Lord.

Just in time to get the kids off of the bus....I just want to go back to bed!
We finish the research paper and project, start dinner and cupcakes all at the same time. Finish dinner, the rest of the homework and hubby does dishes while I take a breath! God Bless that man. He shovels the sidewalk, shovels the driveway and takes out the trash while I take another breath...God Bless him!
Yes, I would just love to crawl into this...

or this...
but alas...the timer is going off...the last batch of cupcakes are done...the costumes will have to wait until tomorrow and I won't even tell you what the dog just did.
I think I'm going to bed!
xo and God Bless,
All photos courtesy of Bella Notte Linens


jewelsinthegarden +: ) said...

Thank God you are all safe at home! I love all the comfy inviting beds! Good night and God bless. Julie

Janie said...

Oh I know THOSE days! In fact MY day is like that today! I have been tripping all over myself this morning so far and it is not even started!! I have decided to stop (mid task) slow down and start all over..first things first..son needed a ride to work, I have appointments later this am, and many many errands before we get that "maybe" snow storm they keep going back and forth on...
Glad everything worked out for you...stay safe in the snow...get some rest!

Linda said...

OH yes...there are those days...and every one of those beds looks inviting! Take care! XO

Anne Marie said...

i hear ya sister.........