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Monday, September 26, 2011

Inspiration Takes Flight

It's a bittersweet moment.  Well, not really a moment but rather time.  The time to redecorate a room.  Not just any room, but the very first nursery we ever did for our first born child.  That was 11 years ago but I could swear that it was only yesterday.  I vividly remember wanting to do the room in Winnie the Pooh ~ Classic Pooh though, not the vibrant reds and blues of today's Pooh Bear.  We went and picked out a sweet Classic Pooh wall paper border and then we took it out to Lowe's and had them color match the blue and the cream shades from the paper.  We painted the top half of the room in cream and the bottom half in blue.  Where the two colors met, the paper border was hung.  Then we added a chair rail along the bottom of the border and another decorative trim to the top.  We then lovingly put in a crib, dresser, changing table and all the other exciting things that you buy for your very first baby.  I dressed up the crib with bedding that perfectly matched the border.  In our eyes it was perfect.  We sat back and admired our work while we waited for baby to arrive.
It was the first room in our home that we really decorated. 
Baby arrived and it was magical.  The room was well loved and by the time baby was able to climb out of the crib, number two was on the way.

We loved that nursery so, and decided to use it exactly as is for number 2 and for number 3.
When number 4 came along, we were blessed with the chance to decorate a whole new nursery in a different room {in pink}
That brings us to this post.  Number 3 is still in that Pooh Bear room and he's ready for a change.

He loves airplanes - and that, I can proudly say, he got from me!
He wants his room done in an airplane theme.
So, armed with all of his toy airplanes that you see pictured here,  I am ready to remove Pooh.
I think.
But change is good right?  And, I have lots of good memories of this room...hold on, let me get a tissue.

I'm gathering the accessories that I've been collecting for many years...some from my old airline days, some purchased more recently knowing that this day would come.  I'll take down the framed picture of Pooh dancing in an April shower and replace it with this little guy that I bought years ago.
and one like this too {this one was a wonderful gift from my sister to one of our other boys who also loves airplanes}  

As inspiration takes flight, I'll just roll with it and excitedly come up with all kinds of new ideas for the new room.  I'll probably even shed a tear or two along the way but that's okay, we'll make new memories that will be just as good!

Have a wonderful evening.

xo and God Bless,


Linda said...

This is such a sweet post, Kathleen...change is so bittersweet! I'm sure your son will love his new room!!

Anne Marie said...

Hi Kathleen...it's so nice to see you this morning...

our boys love planes as well, and I found this great vintage looking aeroplane fabric at walmart that was made in USA and they still like it....though, I think that the 14 yr. old would like an update, so their room is kind of morphing into a vintage army room? does that make sense??

does your son do models? mine have really gotten into that in the winter months....
have a very blessed Sunday :)