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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Thrift Store Treasures, a Nightlight, and Circle of Moms

Guess what?  I have something to share that I'm pretty excited about.
I am in the running for the Circle of Moms Top 25 Home Design Moms!!
I would be thrilled to get your vote!
All you have to do is go to the top left of this blog (just under the header photo) and click on the purple circle button. Then click "vote"
You can do this once a day, every day until May 15.
If you've already read about this on Facebook, I apologize for the repeat of information.
Thank you to everyone who has already voted! I sure do appreciate it a lot!

On to the thriftin'...

I was in the Salvation Army thrift store last week and found a few things that I really liked.
I've got something fun in mind for those wicker paper plate holders and for the old spice rack too.
I really love the old Paris Opera House painting!!  I just don't know whether or not to paint the frame.  What do you think? 

I thought that the face on this chalkware boy was adorable!

I did paint these cherubs. 

They got Rosemary's gesso treatment.

This Madonna here was my favorite though.  I found her at a church rummage sale.

She is ceramic and had this hole in the back.  I had an idea.  I knew right away that I was going to turn her into a nightlight.

I had a little light on a cord that I bought about a year ago and
I decided to use Rosemary's Old World paint technique to make her appear a little older.

I love these little holes that the light shines through.

I like the way she turned out.


Don't forget to vote!!
Have a great afternoon!!
xo and God Bless,


PURA VIDA said...

Really liking rosemarys treatment , think I'll try it

A Paris Flea said...

Wonderful finds ~ Rosemary's "old world" finish looks great. And YES paint the frame - maybe a very light gray and antiqued/distressed just a bit? By the way I love the music you have on your playlist. This is a very small world - David Nevue was born in North Bend, Oregon, a neighboring city to my home and birth town of Coos Bay, Oregon.