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Friday, April 22, 2016

The New and Improved Coffee Bar

It's Friday!!
I wanted to share with you, the newest addition to our kitchen.
We have had a coffee bar set up here for several years now and I love having it here. It's central to the whole kitchen and it's really nice having the coffee pot here because I can't stand having lots of appliances out on my counter tops.

The problem though, was that the table I had was just too small. I've been on the hunt for the perfect farm style table to use and I finally found it while out thrifting.

Here it is just as I found it. Perfect for the space and exactly what I had envisioned.
Not very pretty - I know, but this table has loads of character and is a good, solid piece

I really loved the hardware too.

So here she is mid-makeover. I gave her a quick coat of paint. Just one coat and I really wasn't worried about neatness because I was going to sand the whole piece anyway. 

I painted on stripes to resemble an old grain sack and when I was finished, I sanded the whole thing to give it a nice, chippy look.

I left the original hardware just as I found it.

Even the lamp was found on the same thrifting trip. I painted it too, but I'll show you that in another post.
As you can see, this table also hides that awful return vent for the heating and air conditioning.

My French bottle drying rack and some of my Rae Dunn collection.

My tins that I painted to resemble old hat boxes. I store extra coffee pods in them.

and last but not least, this old soup tureen. It was missing it's lid but it made the perfect planter to hold a bit of boxwood.

And there she is! Our new and improved coffee bar.

Thanks so much for visiting and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

xo and God Bless,

1 comment:

Michele said...

LOVE it! You did such a great job with painting, distressing and creating this space - everything is just perfect there. Wish I could come over for a cup of coffee and sit and admire all your handiwork! : - )

Have a wonderful weekend.