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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm Back Up and Running!!!

I'm so happy to be back!! I have missed everyone very much and I've missed not being able to sign in and go blog visiting any time I wanted to!

While away from the computer, I did a little organizing and cleaning out of my craft room. I came across a large fabric scrap that I had left over from a laundry bag that I made awhile back so I decided to make a new library/market tote for myself. My old canvas bag that I always used for hauling books back and forth to the library was getting so worn so I decided to make another instead of buying one. This was the perfect solution!!
I think it'll do for the upcoming summer farmer's markets too!

On another note...
I have been doing some serious thinking these past couple of months and have decided to start something new and exciting. I can't wait to reveal what I've been working on so stay tuned!! As I get closer to completion, I will give you all of the exciting details so please be sure to stop by and visit often!!
~~ I'm thinking sometime next week (wink, wink) ~~

Until then, xoxoxo and I thank you all for your warm, thoughtful comments while I was away! I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely Spring weather and all of those pretty flowers starting to pop up everywhere!

God Bless,


Blessings of Health and Prosperity said...

Hi Kathleen, this is my first visit here. You have a lovely blog. I love the dandelions in the mason jar. It never occurred to me to actually treat them as flowers. I'm 51 and look what I have been missing! I'm going right out and pick some! Blessings, Celene

Anne Marie said...

welcome back!

yes, I've missed you too :)

good to hear you cleaned house, but even better! that you I HOPE are doing what I HOPE you are doing (wink wink back atcha)

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Kathleen,
I'm glad to see you back!
The bag you made is really cute too.

Have a wonderful week.
~Melissa :)

Kathleen Grace said...

Glad you are back! I can't wait to hear your news:>) The tote is beautiful.

Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottage said...

So glad to see that you have made it back!

Chrissy said...

Oh good your back, I missed you!! Now...down to business,,, what the heck are you up to?? I am not patient so.....hurry!! Can't wait to see..talk soon, Chrissy

janet said...

soooooooo glad you are back. I always love checking to see what you are up to, oh and such a tease...we have to wait until next week to see what you are up to..lol

Lisa ~ A Cottage to Me said...

Welcome back! Can't wait for the news!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

LOVE the mason jar of "dandyflowers" as my son calls them. Can't wait to read about your new idea!

sweetly, lovely said...

it's wonderful to have you back.

Calm Energy said...

I'll stop by to see what you've got planned for next week! I love your fleur de lis pillows! The simplicity is what is so special about them! Thanks for sharing the idea! ~Maria

fairmaiden said...

I just went through the same thing. My kids have myspace and I think that is where our troubles come from.

That canvas bag you made it perfect! I love the color and who could not ever love roses. I will look forward to what you will be up to.

Jeanneoli said...

I look forward to seeing what you are working on. I just got my own bouquet of dandelions from my little girl:-)

Anonymous said...
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