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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What Do You Think of this Idea???

I was going through some photos from several years ago and came across some old decor photos.
It gave me a fun idea.
Have you ever been so in love with a certain style of home decor, that you did your whole house that way, lived blissfully with it for a few years, and then suddenly want to rip everything out and start completely over with something new? I have.
Wouldn't it be fun to share old photos of how your home used to look along with what it looks like now?
I would love to see how your styles have evolved over the years and was thinking of hooking up a linky party to share them all. Anybody interested, or am I the only one who would have fun with this?
Let me know what you think and if there's enough interest, I'll do one!
It doesn't matter how old the photos are, as long as we get to see what your place looked like then...and what it looks like now! I think it would be a lot of fun.
Let me know what you think!!
PS~the photo you see above is a peek at my before. There are tons more where that came from. If there's enough interest, I'll show the rest!
Hope to hear from you!!
xo and God Bless,


Mumsie said...

Funny you should mention this ~ ha
Your pic is similar to my current decor style ~ cottage. Check my blog for a view of our cottage home. Would like to add/makeover more painted/shabby/white pieces but hubbie prefers stained/pine, etc. So we compromise..;o) Do like the french cottage look.. You inspire me in this direction...thanks!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

I like so many styles that I never have committed fully to one. I will always love romantic vintage cottage style with color and lots of white, but I really love so many other styles too. I like too many styles and colors. I call myself a decorating schizophrenic! This is a fun idea for a blog party.

Janie said...

What a good idea....we all "evolve" as time goes by....my first apartment was very Western Country...some how I inherited many Victorian pieces along the way, and then evolved into Cottage...I think I call myself "eclectic" now...

I Love the music on your site...

Ann Nichols said...

I love the photo! If that is your before, I would love to see your after!

Kelly said...

I feel like changing all the time! If I were a millionaire, I think it would go all to home decore....


Knicky Knacks said...

I'm keen. Sounds great. Have loads of before and after images of our renovations which I could share as we slowly re-built the character of our home.