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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bar Stool Makeover

As promised, here is the project I was working on.


We have bar stools sitting at the island in the kitchen. They were just the basic, plain jane oak ones from Walmart. I painted them white about two years ago and then last spring I got this wild hair and painted them robins egg blue. That didn't last very long so back to white they went. Oh, did I mention that before they were ever white, I had painted them black? So anyway, they've been black, white, blue and back to white again. They were still missing something though.


That brings us up to today.

Here are the bar stools now. I rather like them! I had wrapping paper left over from Abigail's birthday and since I loved the pattern so much, this is what I did... First, I flipped the bar stool over and laid it on top of the wrapping paper. Then I traced around the stool.

I cut out the circle of paper

added some glue to the top of the stool and decoupaged the paper circle to the top.

Easy peasy!

Now get out your sander or sandpaper and go to town.

I love the layers of all the previous paint colors showing through
Finally, as a last step I went over the whole thing with a wet paper towel dipped in watered down black acrylic paint. I did small sections at a time and wiped it off as I went.

There you have it. A basic oak bar stool from Walmart...remade into something that is a little bit more "me."

Have a great day!


xo and God Bless,



Pattie said...

Kathleen, looks good love the colors you pick...Have a good day

The Shabby Chick

Faded Charm said...

Love this idea and when you need a change of color it will be another quick redo.


CarliKeene said...

This is some really great stuff! I'm following, please follow mine as well: peechy-keene.blogspot.com

Thank you! xoxo

hilary @ the upcycle furniture co. said...

cute! : )

Jen @ Coastal Lust said...

I would have NEVER thought of this and I absolutely love it! Great pattern... I often find patterns I love and have to hold myself back from using them everywhere:)