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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Coffee Bar

Having guests for Easter this year?
Why not set up a coffee bar at the dessert table?
It doesn't have to be super fancy and you can mix and match all of your coffee essentials!
The mugs above were purchased at Walmart.  They're part of the new BH&G spring line of dishes.  Love the fleur-de-lis! 

This cute rectangular sugar bowl came from The Christmas Tree Shop - $1.99 - love that place!!

This whimsical little cow creamer also came from the Christmas Tree Shop - 69 cents!  Did I mention that I love this store??

 Put everything together on an old flea market tray and you've got an instant coffee bar.  Place it at your dessert table with a thermal carafe or you can put it out on your counter next to the coffee pot.  Be creative with it and your guests can just help themselves!

Happy Easter!
xo and God Bless,

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