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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Air Mail

There is just something about a stack of old airmail letters that I love.
They speak of romance, hard times, the war.
They tell a story - 
of someone's life,
of an era.

Several years ago, I came across an old collection of these beautiful letters. I cannot imagine who could have parted with them, but I took them home with me and enjoyed reading them. They were written by a man who has been assigned to Le Havre as Assistant to the Regional Executive of the American Red Cross. He writes to his sister and his aunt.
 It's 1945 and he is in Rouen, France.  He talks about the city and his travels around Normandy. He writes about the destruction that surrounds him from the bombings. In one of the stories he writes home about, he talks about a French pastor and his family - food supply is scarce and the prices are highly inflated. The pastor's children have never tasted oranges before. They next day, the soldier is able to get oranges from the Army mess hall and he takes them to the children.
They are absolutely delighted by the oranges.

Reading these letters will transport you to another time, put you right in the middle of the action.
Maybe that's why I love them so.

Anyway, this little stack of airmail history that I found, inspired me to create a few note cards of my own.

I bring to you...Handmade Airmail Inspired Note Cards.

Send a little note to someone you love and create a bit of your own history!

Enjoy your weekend.
xo and God Bless!

1 comment:

Tamara said...

What a special thing to find. precious memories . It's such a privilege to get a glimpse into people's lives. I found some WWII letters that are very similar. I consider them a real treasure. And I liked your little air mail note cards so much that I went right to your etsy and purchased them for my daughter. She's been wanting some for friend's letters and journaling. She will be so excited. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful Sunday..

Tamara :)