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Monday, January 26, 2015

Pretty Painted Tins for Storage

As many of you with small children know, toy storage always seems to be an issue.
My youngest has lots of little toys that can become scattered about pretty quickly!
Legos, Lalaloopsy Minis, and of course her beloved Paw Patrol figurines.

We decided to see what we could do with some leftover cookie tins. She picked out the color she wanted {Annie Sloan's Duck Egg} and the stamps she liked.
Then we went to work.
She even helped paint and stamp!

Now she has some pretty storage for all of her tiny toys...and I'm no longer stepping on Legos.
It's a win win!

Enjoy your day and stay warm.

xo and God Bless!!


Donna Huisinga said...

Nice writing. Is that freehand or how did you get it to look so nice?

Musings From A French Cottage said...

Thank you Donna! The writing was done with rubber stamps and a steady hand :) Thanks so much for stopping by and for your comment! Have a great day.