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Thursday, August 12, 2010

DIY Chalkboard

Do you remember this picture that I had hanging above the sofa? Well, I was needing a change. I like the picture and all...but I wanted it to be a chalkboard even more than I wanted it to be a picture.
So here is what I did...
First, I took apart the picture and then separated all of the pieces.
{Please pay no attention to the vacuum, cords and the childrens toys
lying about here and there - just keepin' it real people!}Anyway, see that brown cardboard piece there on the right?

Here it is up close. I painted it with chalkboard paint.
Yes, right over the cardboard. Then I simply switched the order of the pieces when re-assembling my frame. The cardboard piece was just the filler piece that goes in the back. I put it in the front and then used the print in it's place. Have I explained that right or do I sound totally run-on and confusing? Sorry, It's been such a long day and it's late - I know you can relate! Anyway, I digress. By doing it this way, if I ever want my picture back, all I have to do is put it back in it's original order. No harm done.

So here it is

all decked out with our "house rules"
Hope you all are enjoying your week!
xo and God Bless,
I have to make a correction. My spelling skilz are shining through. You see rule #7 up there? Yes, well instead of say "your" sorry, it should read: Say "you're" sorry. I guess I got so excited about the project all coming together, the chalk started to fly and well, my skilz went out the window. I corrected it on the chalkboard too.
I'm linking up with Show and Tell Friday over at My Romantic Home
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Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

Oh, I love it!
It came out just beautiful~
Thank you for sharing!

julie - eab designs said...

Love your chalkboard! We hung a DIY one in our kitchen last year. Always a highlight of the day.....writing a new message. Had to smile when I saw the picture you removed. I have the exact same one hanging in my studio just to the right of my imac screen. It's actually a restaurant on one of our favorite streets in Paris on the Ile St-Louis.

Jenny @ Baileyandme2 said...

hey, kathleen! i am just eating up your blog here. found you after you commented on my blog. :) so great to make your aquaintance! seems we like a lot, a LOT of the same stuff!! this white chalkboard is dreamy!! love the frame on it. i love your spiritual twist on your stuff. beautiful, refreshing!
God bless, jenny

Livingston Street Decor said...

The chalkboard looks great but adore the highchair! It is officially the prettiest highchair I have ever seen. Fit for a little princess!

Bella said...

What a great idea. It looks lovely.

Paula said...

Love it! It's great that you could use something that you already have to make something new for your home. I'm probably the only blogger out that who has yet to do a chalkboard project.

Amy Kinser said...

It is so pretty. Love your frame.

Angela said...

I've been wanting to something just like this but having a hard time finding a pretty frame and what to use for the chalboard but I see that you used cardboard? Great idea!

Anne Marie said...

I didn't even notice the spelling error...was looking how cute it all was!!

thanks for your well wishes - it means alot!!!!

Anne Marie

Kathleen Ellis said...

Love Love Love this! you are so clever! How easy, elegant & budget friendly!
;-D Kathleen