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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm In Love...With Aidan Gray That is....

Oh. My.
Is it possible to be in love with furniture?
I think maybe it isWould you look at this gorgeous sideboard? I want it in my living room. I know, a sideboard in the living room isn't the first place you would think of. But in my room, it would be perfect. Do you have any idea how many kids toys and games could be stored in those drawers?

and what about this baby? Awesome ~ I know, right?

and this...need I say more???
Out of my price range obviously, but a girl can daydream about ways to recreate this stuff using what she has right?
All photos courtesy of Aidan Gray Home...go and check them out.
You won't be disappointed!
Have a great day!
xo and God Bless,


A House and Home said...

Great inspiration for some DIY projects!

Diane said...

I agree! Gorgeous stuff!

Merana Leigh said...

Oh lands....blue/gray is the new black...is the new white...is the new red...is the new blue....

yeah...definitely, even a tornado won't be able to destroy your house with all those different coats of paint on the walls! ;o}

Nice pieces of furniture for sure. (I'm still in the black phase - LOL!)

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Kathleen,
Thank you so much for your beautiful comment on the bird poetry sign and iron bed.

Now if you were to go back to my site you would see a side board buffet post used in a place tahe some or most would not. As you stated you want that side board on your post in your living room! well girl I hear yeah! me too!

I love that side board with all those drawers in it what a conversation piece. And every piece you listed I would love to have somewhere in my home and what did not fit, I would make them fit :)

This was an inspiring furniture post, pieces to drool over.

Melissa Miller said...

Kathleen it is all so pretty! :)

Fancy Fodder said...

This furniture is incredible! The wood is so lovingly worn. I'm sure you can recreate one of a kind furniture like that :+) Be sure to post it when you do!
Best wishes ~