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Monday, September 13, 2010

Mrs. Meyers

Look what finally arrived at our local Walmart. Forgive me, but I get frustrated with a lot of the "green" products on the market because they simply don't work as well as my regular cleaning products. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for being a good steward of the planet we live on but I inevitably return to my old cleaning supplies. I mean, soap scum and hard water stains need something good.

When I saw this today, I bought it. I've definitely heard of it before and read about it too, but didn't have much luck in finding it. (well, I have to be honest...target probably carries it but I rarely ever go there) It's made with lavender oil and it smells so good. Does it clean up the soap scum? Yes, it actually does. Hard water? Well, not exactly but that's okay. I can use my CLR for that. As for everything else? I'm switching to Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day! When my son walked in the door today from school, the first thing he said was, "what smells so good in here?" Ah yes, even he noticed.

Threw in some pears today too. Has absolutely nothing to do with cleaning supplies but they were pretty all lined up in the window.

yes, I had to add a photo of Abbey as well.
Have a great day!
xo and God Bless,


Livingston Street Decor said...

I LOVE Mrs. Meyers products! You will never go back to others. My favs are the Basil and Lemon Verbena. I use the laundry detergent, counter top spray and dish detergent. Nothing, absolutley nothing, makes my laundry smell fresher!! Enjoy! I will be checking my local Walmart as I had no idea they were going to start carrying Mrs Meyers products. How convenient that will be. I usually get mine at our local Weis Grocery store or the organic grocery stores.

Hope you make it to the Tag Sale!

Bella said...

Oh, wonderful! I'll have to look for these. I like the Method products a lot, too. Their lavender cleaning spray is wonderful and seems to cut through anything.

vintage girl at heart said...

Love this line too!! I even use the dryer sheets in my car, my linen closet etc.!!!
Love the Basil and the Iowa Pine that they bring out for the holidays too!!! Yum!!!
Love their candles too!!!
Sometimes I have even found the whole line dicounted at TJMaxx & Ross!!
Thanks for the heads up that we can find them a WM!!!

vintage girl at heart said...

Wow as usual I got so excited that I had many typos in that comment....

claudia b said...

I love the lemon verbena scent as well!

Amy Kinser said...

I will have to check out our Wal Mart for them. I usually make most of my cleaners, but there are a few things that I would like to buy that would be a little stronger. Thanks for the info. BTW...the pears are beautiful.

Josephine's Girl said...

You made me laugh! I always return to my hard core cleaner, too -- I love Comet -- but I do like Mrs. Meyer's window cleaner.

Laura said...

I love Mrs. Meyers as well! My favorite scent was the Rhubarb but they no longer carry it. If anyone knows where I can mail order that scent please let me know!
A wonderful Thursday to you.

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

I love these goodies too! They have such wonderful scents! I am so distracted by the precious baby picture...who can think of cleaning products;)?

She is stunning and the photo is tooooo darling for words!


Jen said...

I've seen these around blogland but there was never anyplace around here that sold them!
I'm gonna check out our walmart!
I wanna try these out!